A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Open Solomon's Key is an open-source remake of the 1986 arcade game by Tecmo. It tries to be truthful to the original game (as much as anyone can without the original source code), while adding some extra elements, like a fully customizable level format. 

While the level format is really simple, there's already a level editor for the game! You can grab it here

Project Page

Space: menu select

Arrow Keys: move, jump and duck

Control: cast block / menu back

X: cast fireball

F11: toggle fullscreen

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags2D, Open Source, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the archive. Inside the "dist" folder are the assets + executable.

If you're on linux and you want to run the game without a graphical environment, make sure to run "sdl_solomons_key", and use the  "-fullscreen" option.

To run the editor, open "osked.exe" or "./osked" for Windows and Linux respectively


osk-2020-06-17.zip 12 MB
osk-2020-08-30.zip 12 MB

Development log


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Because the size of level in this game is small, I suggest the levels is will be procedural for making this game possible to replaying

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After 3rd level it crash and I see desktop...

Interesting, I'm a bit busy nowadays but I'll definitely look into it (since a new build is coming up), so I'll get back to you soon! Thanks for trying it out!

Ok, I will be waiting. My gameplay here/


Thanks for adding Linux build! You made an excellent remake!

Thank you for the kind words!


considering it is open, why only windoze is supported? and who can help porting it to gnu/linux, osx, bsd, haiku, solaris/indiana, etc.? 


I'm actually going to be uploading a new build today, for both Windows and Linux! Unfortunately I don't have access to a MacOS machine so I can't test that...


We can crowd-test a MacOS (64 bits please) Build :-D

Are all the levels present from the original? Works great btw. Thanks!

Not yet, but I'm pretty sure the level format can support the original levels. Thank you for the kind words!

With the latest version installed, the first level starts, then freezes and finally closes down.

I'll have to look into that. I don't have a machine with a Radeon card though, so can I message you about this later? Thank you for letting me know!

Sure! Thanks for taking care.

Still no luck. Game starts, there is action on the screen for two seconds, then it freezes and closes down itself a second later.

Alright, I uploaded a debug version, with assertions etc... Could you try running this build (osk-2020-06-11-debug.7z)? I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! 


Will try. Many thanks!

@schombi that sounds like a driver issue. I've tried every single build from the downloads, on 2 different PCs and it runs with no issues on my end.

I have the latest official Radeon drivers installed and no issues with any other program.

I had the same issue, but my system has a Radeon graphics card.

Pressing the "Space" causes the window to close, pressing the space on the select level screen, then selecting a level via "Space" also causes the window to close. Haven't been able to play yet :)



Just fixed it! It was an NVidia card only issue,  while I program on an Intel GPU.

Great thanks!